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Hardscape - The Structured Environment

Design Themes

asian themed backyard.jpg

An Asian backyard typically draws inspiration from traditional Japanese, Chinese, or Korean gardens. It includes elements such as ponds, streams, along with rocks, bridges, and pathways made of natural materials like stone, wood, or gravel.

tropical themed backyard.jpg

A tropical backyard is designed to create a lush and vibrant outdoor living space that evokes the feeling of a tropical paradise. It typically features a mix of colorful and exotic plants, such as palms, hibiscus, and orchids, as well as water features like pools, ponds, or fountains.

formal themed backyard.jpg

A formal backyard typically features a symmetrical and structured design that emphasizes order and balance. It often includes features such as geometrically shaped hedges, pathways, and gardens, as well as formal water features such as fountains or reflecting pools.


A modern backyard typically features a clean and minimalistic design that blends indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly.  Outdoor kitchen, dining, firepit and low maintence plants and trees.

woodland themed backyard.webp

A woodland backyard typically features a natural and organic design that blends in with the surrounding forest or trees. Stone pathways, wooden decks or patios, and seating areas.

desert themed backyard.jpg

A desert backyard is typically designed to be low-maintenance and water-efficient. It often features a mix of hardscaping, such as stone or gravel, and desert-adapted plants, such as cacti, succulents, and other drought-tolerant species.  Shade structures such as pergolas or umbrellas are often used to provide relief from the intense sun.

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Softscape - The Planted Environment

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Installation, Care and Maintenance

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